The iBoy - iPod Tribute Collectible Figure

Posted: April 22, 2021
The iBoy - iPod Tribute Collectible Figure
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ohBoy, they just dropped the iBoy! In this case, "they" is Classicbot, and their iPod tribute in collectible figure form is the latest in the design shop's retro Apple toy line to charm us with its adorable face and transformable body. The iBoy has magnetized arms and a set of earbuds you can detach and move around if you want to convert him from robot to MP3 player, or face him off in a battle with Classicbot's iBot G3 Mac-tion figure.

The loser of the battle will, of course, be the first figure who freezes and needs a forced restart.

Just kidding. iBoy is game to be your most played with desk toy, but he's made of ABS plastic and has no electronic parts or functions. However, his control wheel belly does rotate freely, and even has that trademark "easy-on-the-ear clickable button."

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