iBot G3

Posted: July 22, 2019
iBot G3
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Ergonomic nightmare of a round mouse included! The iBot G3 is a sweet little desktop toy and tribute to Apple's iMac G3 from Classsicbot, a brand devoted to "classic computer designs and geek culture." It arrives on the heels of the original iMac's 30th anniversary (August 15, 2018) to say, "Hello," and remind you what you loved, or hated, about the computer that launched Apple's resurgence in the marketplace, and set Steve Jobs on his path to becoming a Tech God.

September 1998 marked my freshman year of college, timed perfectly with the release of the iMac G3. It was my first very own computer, and in Bondi Blue it was sooooo purdy. Being revolutionary and whatever it was also wholly incompatible with my dorm's internet hardware and cables, so I spent the whole first semester unable to use the "i" part of my iMac.

Still, I loved that computer. Even when it froze and I had to restart it 7 times a day. Even when I'd restart it and get the Sad Mac icon. Even when I had to move at least twice a year for 5 years, and every time I picked it up its cumbersome shape and uneven weight distribution caused me to almost drop it on its face or down flights of stairs.

In other words, I appreciate the iBot G3, and Classicbot's efforts to show respect for a legacy in miniature form. The collectible, sadly, doesn't light up or make sounds, but it does come with removable magnetic arms and legs so you can place it on your desk as a personified iMac, or set it up in its more traditional form, with the keyboard and mouse alongside it.

The iBot G3 is made of molded translucent plastic, sticking to true iMac recreation with a CRT tube, ethernet connection ports, and the bottom ventilation fan visible through the body. iBot G3 toys come in Bondi Blue and Tangerine Orange. Figures are around 8cm tall.

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