Walk Of Mind Custom-Molded Shoes

Posted: August 15, 2020
Walk Of Mind Custom-Molded Shoes

Designer Hadar Slassi's Walk Of Mind shoes scored a 2019-2020 A' Design Gold Award in the Footwear category for their custom-molded hybrid design concept. Slassi uses 5 layers to build the shoes, calling each a "stratum" after the geological term describing rock layers in the ground. The term fits well here, too, given the shoes' pebbled soles and earthy fold-over upper, as well as their barefoot style, which will keep wearers in close proximity to the ground they're treading.

Walk of Mind shoes are made of nylon 12 polymer and vegetable-tanned leather, molded to fit individual feet via a digital scan.

Muchas danke to Yanko Design.

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