Vans Trek Rinseable Slip-On Shoes

Posted: April 10, 2021
Vans Trek Rinseable Slip-On Shoes
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Introducing Vans Trek Rinseable Slip-On Shoes. You can call them Rubber Vans. The not-sandals maintain the classic Vans silhouette - right down to their single-piece injected construction molded to replicate the Classic Slip-On topography - but, in my opinion, hit a miss with their "deconstructed checkerboard drainage holes for breathability." Umm, yeah. Those don't look like checkerboards. They look like Crocs.

Lightweight and easily rinsed / cleaned, the Vans Trek Slip-On is a great beach companion for those who want something more sturdy than flip-flops, and with a bit more coverage than sandals. The Treks also have an oversized reverse waffle sole that provides enhanced traction on any outdoor or wet surface.

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