Teva Men's ReEmber Mid Moccasin

Posted: January 20, 2022
Teva Men's ReEmber Mid Moccasin
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RemEmber Teva's Ember Moc slipper-style indoor / outdoor shoes? Well, Teva decided to ReEmber the Moc this season, and has even added some variety, and a few inches to the line in the ReEmber Mid Moccasin. These men's booties (women's here) feature the same basic styling as the low-tops - quilted outers with rubber soles, microfiber interior linings and cushioned PU footbeds - but extend to the ankle, and add a zipper to help get the mocs on and off.

In my all-important opinion, and as an OG Ember Moc owner, I think the ReEmber Mid Moccasin looks a little nicer than its counterpart. More like a shoe you'd be OK going out in than a dowdy slipper that gives you pancake feet. But the elimination of the collapsible in favor of the zipper? Given the ReEmber Mid Mocs' height, I'll grant it was a necessary evil, but it was an evil move nonetheless. My favorite part about these shoes was their slip-on nature, and the fact I could shove my fat foot inside, crush down the back of them, and shuffle on my way.

Thankfully, Teva's ReEmber line does still include the slipper mocs.

In addition to new colorways, the Teva ReEmber Moccasin also incorporates earth-friendly materials and practices. The "Re" in ReEmber doesn't just stand for a rerelease of the line, it stands for the 100% recycled ripstop, rib knit, and microfiber used to make the shoes.

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