TacLace Rapid Boot Lacing System

Posted: February 13, 2016
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Pull, cinch, and wrap. If your feet spend a lot of time in boots, and your hands too much time twisting and tying and double knotting, TacLaces could be the accessory you never knew you always needed.

The TacLace rapid boot lacing system weaves extra-long boot laces (an 84" pair is included with purchase) through mil-spec straps that remain on boots when they're off, and then tighten, tie, and secure laces tangle-free during use. With the wraparound straps wound and Velcroed at your ankles, you'll never have to worry about laces coming untied while you're working...or not coming untied when you're finished...and they won't flop around on the top of your boot, or force you to tuck them into the laces grid where that little plastic bit on the end of the shoelace will inevitably dig into your foot.

Two US Marines developed TacLaces while they were deployed in Afghanistan. The patent-pending design is intended for outdoorsmen, hunters, hikers, construction workers, military members, or anyone who can't / doesn't care to waste time fumbling with bootlaces at the crack of down. In the bitter cold. On the move.

TacLaces come in sets of two, one for each boot, and also include a pair of 84" boot laces. Choose from Coyote Tan, Realtree, and Black colors. The rapid lacing system should fit almost any boot size and lace length. The creators have tested them on combat boots, various tactical boots, construction boots, hiking boots, standard work boots, double plastic hiking boots, hockey skates, and--yes, ladies-- knee-high snake boots.

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