Storage Soles - Hidden Stash Insoles

Posted: December 27, 2018
Storage Soles - Hidden Stash Insoles
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Storage Soles hold more than just a lucky penny in your shoe. These adjustable insoles have a hidden stash compartment built into their heel cups sized to protect some extra cash, a key, your medicine ( or "medicine") or any other small valuable or sensitive item you want to keep close at hand foot.

You can cut Storage Soles to fit shoe sizes 8 to 12. They're made of PU foam, so do actually add some comfort and arch support, and their stash box is made of break- and crack-proof reinforced polycarbonate. I can't imagine that's comfortable to walk or run on, but Storage Soles claims it fits snugly inside a cutout slot to remain unnoticeable. The container is also removable for filling and easy access.

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