Solethreads Recliner Flip-Flops

Posted: July 13, 2022
Solethreads Recliner Flip-Flops
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The bad news: Solethreads Recliner Flip-Flops are not made from actual recliners. The good news: they're made from actual yoga mats instead. This is probably even better because, while recliners are indeed muy comfortable for you back and butt regions, would you really want to stand on top of one all day? Yoga mats on the other hand - get those toesies ready for some supreme squishy-foam comfort.

Solethreads call themselves "India's first-ever flip-flops." And then go on to say "with a supremely comfortable footbed made from actual yoga mat." So I'm not sure if they really are the first Indian flip-flops ever made, or just the first ones made with yoga mats. Seems like the latter, I guess, but that's hardly impressive enough to mention. Here's hoping the Recliner Flip-Flops are luxe and comfy enough to make their position in India's flip-flop market irrelevant.

Solethreads uses a patented recycled EVA footbed technology called SuperFoam in their Recliner Flip-Flops. They say it can retain its structure throughout months of wear. Complementing the top side of the sandals is an ECOTREAD recycled rubber sole, also durable throughout wear, and skid-resistant. All Solethreads Recliner Flip-Flop materials are cruelty-free vegan.

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