Skinners Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes

Posted: June 22, 2018
Skinners Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes
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Skinners combine socks and the minimalist, barefoot shoe craze to form...Skinners Minimalist Barefoot Sock Shoes. I feel like this is the one thousandth time already this year I've had to ask, Are we living in an episode of Family Guy?

I'm also reminded of a dream I recently had wherein my friend Cornelius was making me hike up a mountain and it was killing my feet and then I looked down and realized I wasn't wearing shoes. And I was like, Cornelius you mother f*****! I can't go hiking in socks!

Au contraire, say Skinners.

Sock shoes look exactly like you'd think - indoors on the top, outdoors on the bottom. The upper is an antibacterial woven textile for active, sweaty boys and girls, and the "sole" is made of an anti-abrasive, anti-slip Swedish polymer. Skinners says the sole is tough and rugged enough to keep your feet protected and comfortable during wear on outdoor walks, runs, hikes, and beach / water activities. You can also wear them like slippers indoors or on road trips without having to scrounge around for shoes if you need to pop outside.

I wonder if SKINNERS' Swedish polymer coatings have passed the LEGO test.

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