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Posted: August 07, 2014
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RattlerStrap previously designed their Venom paracord belt in honor of a Dude reader giveaway. Just for us. So obviously we like them. A lot. But while I have no problem being completely biased about the products I discuss, in this case the rugged, crafty wearables the RattlerStrap crew makes for outdoorsman and survivalists are actually as cool as they are. New to the company's line: Flint Laces. Simple, sturdy bootlaces with a 1" ferro rod in each tip.

Flint Laces step in when the matches are wet, the lighter stops working, and the fire steel is...damn. Still sitting in the third drawer of the storage unit in the garage. Their rubber-capped tips peel away to reveal a ferro rod just large enough to generate a fire-starting spark when struck with a steel edge. If you're at a loss while camping or bonfire-starting, or just generally up Shit Creek and ready to SOS, Flint Laces will be your paddle. And the rest of the time they'll still keep your boots on your feet.

Flint Laces come with a 1" ferro rod in each tip, or 4 total. The laces themselves are made of Type III 7 strand 550 paracord and come in 8 lengths, ranging from 36" (4 to 5 hole pairs) to 108" (11 to 12 hole pairs.) Check out RattlerStrap's sizing guide here.

Flint Laces are a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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