QuickShoeLace One-Handed Laces

Posted: January 23, 2017
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Look, Ma! One hand! The QuickShoeLace one-handed lacing system brings convenience to adults, and an alternative to Velcro straps that will inevitably get gunked up with dust and food and boogers to kids who can't tie their shoes yet (as well as the elderly who have trouble dealing with traditional shoelaces.) Rather than tying, each elastic QuickShoeLace threads through your eyelets and clips via a metal ring onto rounded or spiked metal studs screwed into the top two eyelets. Here's a GIF.

QuickShoeLaces are a standard 4' long, and their metal rings, aglets (shoelace or drawstring end sheaths - I learned a new word today!) and studs are nickel-coated to prevent corrosion. All parts are replaceable. Laces will come in a couple dozen different colors, including plain black or white, two-toned, and UV light-reactive to ensure they suit all ages, styles of shoe, and levels of interest in EDM.

Slovenian creator David Knez and his fashion design company InDavidual are wrapping up a QuickShoeLace here on Kickstarter on January 28, 2017. Get your pledge in before then and, if production and backer shipment go as planned (note: always questionable with crowdfunding projects), you'll be tying one on one-handed by this spring.

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