Porsche Design Bounce S4 Lux by Adidas

Posted: January 27, 2018
Porsche Design Bounce S4 Lux by Adidas

If you want to Bounce with Porsche Design's Adidas sneaker collaboration, you'll have to sacrifice kicking it with some of your favorite Benjamin Franklins. Every element of Porsche-inspired style and performance injected into the Bounce S4 Lux shoes will cost you about a hundred bucks.

Jet black, lightweight, and jacked up with a suspension system, a pair of Bounce S4 Luxes are only "running shoes" in the sense the Porsche 911 is only a "car." In addition to their standout aesthetics, Porsche Design Sport and Adidas have fitted the sneaks with a seamless 3D upper and decoupled heel housing a high-tech carbon plate. Where Porsche delivers a luxuriously smooth ride, Porsche Design Bounce S4 Lux delivers a "luxuriously smooth stride."

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