Nike GO FlyEase Hands-Free Slip-On Shoe

Posted: February 01, 2021
Nike GO FlyEase Hands-Free Slip-On Shoe

Meet Nike No-Hands! Nike's GO FlyEase slip-ons reflect the company's first attempt to design shoes that keep your hands entirely out of the foot equation. Sliding the laceless kicks on - and off - is a 100% hands-free endeavor engineered to be as easy as Cinderella reuniting with her glass slipper.

The GO FlyEase transcends your typical slip-on, and avoids sliding into heel-less slide territory - with a bi-stable hinge and tensioner. The hinge mechanism, inserted right at the break between the shoe's heel and midsole, allows the GO FlyEase to stay in place in fully flexed and fully extended positions. That is, when you want to take your shoes off, it bends, allowing the heel end of the sole to shoot out the back, and then stays in that bent, sole-protruded position until you're ready to re-shoe. At which time the process reverses, with the sole at the ready to slip your foot into without grabbing onto the shoe's upper.

The tensioner is a band that wraps around the heel to keep it stable and in place as you step on the shoe with your other foot to slip it on or kick it off.

Nike will release their GO FlyEase hands-free shoe via invite to "select Nike Members" on February 15, 2021, and to the general public later this year.

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