Meindl Retractable Spike Boots

Posted: November 15, 2013
Meindl Retractable Spike Boots

They're like Wolverine claws for the bottom of your feet. These Meindl retractable spike boots stick it to ice and snow with their patented, perfect traction Tec Vision spike system. When wearers flip out the boots' heel dial and turn it 360 degrees, six crowned spikes made of tungsten carbide emerge from each sole to steady and support trekkers in everything from crunchy snow to pure, frictionless ice. Ahhh how I look forward to a winter free of wet back pockets and bruises on my ass.

The tungsten carbide in Meindl's integrated spikes is twice as dense as steel and nearly as hard as diamond, so they won't bend or warp even during extended or repeated use. Multiple seals around the retraction/extension locations also prevent wetness and cold from infiltrating the foot inside, as well as moisture and dirt from impeding the dial and spike function.

Boots themselves are waterproof, and have been fitted with Gore-Tex lining and a removable lambkin inner sole for insulation.

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