Link Flip-Shoes

Posted: June 22, 2019
Link Flip-Shoes
$89 - $119
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Link flip-shoes, a hybrid their makers call "free like a flip-flop, safe as a shoe," are here to prove you wrong about at least one thing: no matter what you thought about Crocs or Keen Uneek monstrosities, Redneck Boot Sandals or any other shoe on earth, up to this point, you had not yet seen the ugliest.




Are these things?! If the low-cut shoes out there expose what we call "toe cleavage," then Link flip-shoes are full-on foot flashers. And should therefore be illegal.

Link's makers view their patented flip-shoe design as a means of walking light and free in urban settings without stubbing your big toe on a sidewalk edge or, like, impaling the side of your foot with a dirty needle. It appears you can also ride a bike or other personal transporter in a pair of flip-shoes.

I guess on the upshot, if you wear a pair of Links on your sunny summer strolls, you'll avoid a hideous thong tan line on the top of your foot.

At the mere expense of a hideous shoe on the rest of it.

If you'd like to blow your mind with more images and information about Link, head over to the plug & play flip-shoes' IndieGoGo campaign.

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