Largemouth Bass Slippers

Posted: October 02, 2017
Largemouth Bass Slippers
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Good news, pescatarians! They've finally started making slippers out of fish - check out these largemouth bass slippers! - so you'll have something to wear while everyone else dons their bunnies, piggies, chickies, and Chewies.

The plasticky-looking house shoes are made of EVA material, which its makers say is very comfortable and helps "protect your feet against hurt." Sounds...fishy...to me, but there's no doubt these slippers will be a statement piece. Not to mention the perfect accessory for anyone dressing up as Largemouth Bass Feet for Halloween.

Largemouth bass slippers are also waterproof, so you can fish it up at the beach and pool, or locker room shower too.

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