KuaiLu Yoga Foam Flip Flops

Posted: June 26, 2020
KuaiLu Yoga Foam Flip Flops
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Is there anything not to like about KuaiLu Flip Flops? Made with yoga foam soles, like my FOAT Sanuk flip flops, they've got to be an equal treat for yo' feet. And I must admit, KuaiLu's take on the yoga-sandal combo has produced some more refined, nicer-looking results. That herringbone pattern on the flip flops' footbeds looks like a cozy knit blanket or sweater, and though the complementary strap appears to be rope, KuaiLu says it too is made of TPE, with a nylon toe post.

Of course the piece de resistance on the KuaiLu Flip Flops is obviously the adorable KuaiLu mascot. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

OK, I guess if there's one thing not to like about KuaiLu Flip Flops it's that they're using the most glorious summer shoes to remind us of the cold, snowy, miserable winter when we won't be able to wear them anymore that's ahead. So carpe diem, dudes, because winter is always on its way.

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