Hulkfoot Heels

Posted: July 26, 2023
Hulkfoot Heels
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The most interesting thing about these Hulkfoot Heels from I Wanna Bangkok isn't even that they are 2" pumps with giant, veiny green Hulk toes and arches growing out their front end. Nope. The most interesting thing about these Hulkfoot Heels is that I Wanna Bangkok says they are "unisex." Unisex! Like they're just another pair of Zombie Feet Sandals or Sneki Snek Slippers that my double-wide dude hooves can slip right into without causing a blood clot or foot necrosis or whatever debilitating injury occurs when you squish your toes into a triangular point for hours on end. I don't even know how dainty-footed ladies wear high heels, and I Wanna Bangkok is telling me their Hulkfoot heels are motherhulking unisex?!

Well. ... I mean, are they all 4E sizes or something? That would actually make sense, given that the Hulk feet the Hulkfoot Heels are modeled after are at least, like, 10E. And if that's the case, I guess it's possible that Hulkfoot Heels are the most comfortable heels ever made. Heels that would accommodate a gnarly ol' man foot. Heels that...this dude better get in on before they sell out!

In addition to the Marvel-ous Hulkfoot Heels, I Wanna Bangkok has also made a pair of Bigfoot Heels, shown on the model above. They're essentially the same shoes as the Hulkfoots, but peach-toned rather than dark green.

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