Honey Soles - Natural Cork Shoe Insoles

Posted: October 12, 2019
Honey Soles - Natural Cork Shoe Insoles
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Not that I want to think about wearing flip-flops this time of year, but according to Honey Soles, putting their Natural Cork shoe insoles inside my regular shoes will make it feel like I am even in my leather loafers.

Then again, are flip-flops really that comfortable? I'd be more inclined to wear insoles that make my shoes feel like puffy coat slippers. Or the coat of an 8-week-old golden doodle.

I get Honey Soles' point, though - their Natural Cork insoles are comfy. Cork is a naturally moldable material that will fit itself to the shape of your feet over time. It's also naturally anti-bacterial and sweat-wicking, thanks to the presence of waxy substance called suberin. So if you like to go barefoot inside your loafers, the insoles are designed to prevent bacteria and fungus buildup (i.e., foot and shoe stench).

Honey Soles come in various sizes for men and women, and are designed to replace your existing shoe insoles. In addition to battling stink foot, the cork insoles provide arch support and shock absorption that help with posture, alignment, over-pronation.

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