GUDO Footprint Flip-Flops

Posted: April 15, 2022
GUDO Footprint Flip-Flops
$39 - $49
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When I say GUDO's flip-flops have footprints embossed in their soles, what I really mean is the summer sandals will leave behind marks in the sand that look like a human mated with, like, a palm tree. Or maybe a nice fern? GUDO's trademark design is a print of 5 little piggies meet a stalk of leafy greens. And, hey, insinuation of weird sexual practices or not, I'm here for it, because the GUDO flip-flop footprint looks damn cool. Both on the footwear, and left stamped in your stead.

GUDO has patented their flip-flops' minimalist design, which is waterproof from sole to thong, and made for wear both indoors and out, around town and to the beach. Their eco-friendly Italian material is an XL Extralight foam GUDO says feels like a sky full of clouds under your feet. The footbed also provides an "unmistakable bounce feel," with a side of reflexology massage.

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