Grass Flip Flops

Posted: January 29, 2012
Grass Flip Flops
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Australia's KUSA is the latest company to perpetuate the 21st century's growing abhorrence of shoes. Hippies, barefoot enthusiasts, and people nostalgic for the days when they were too poor to buy footwear are going to love feeling the lushness of nature sprouting between their toes whether they're trekking through the Mojave, or duking it out in the boardroom. KUSA's grass flip flops are made of Syn-Turf, a synthetic material whose blades conform to, and eventually take the shape of, the contours of your feet. It's soft, supple, comfy, and precisely replicates the bucolic serenity of walking through an emerald pasture, minus the near certainty of stepping on a pile of dog shit. (That said, we would like to point out that if you thought your dog pissed on your shoes before....) Sizes run S, M, and L, with a fit chart on the KUSA website. In addition to dogs, it is also recommended that buyers keep the flip flops away from cows, stoners, and the special needs kid who mows the lawn.

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