GoodFoot Temperature-Balancing Slippers

Posted: October 16, 2014
GoodFoot Temperature-Balancing Slippers
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Not that it's not incredibly sexy when you caress the lady with whom you're entwined on the couch with a ripe and sweaty foot that makes her gag and recoil, or an ice block of a set of toes that makes her yelp and shoot straight into the air, but sometimes it's incredibly sexy not to do those things too. Perfectly temperate feet are often also much more comfortable for their owners. GoodFoot Optimal slippers are fitted with Ventisoles and perforated insoles to balance lower extremity temperatures and, they hope, make you feel like you're walking on air.

GoodFoot Optimal Ventisoles, air-filled channels that activate with each step, send a ventilating breeze through the slippers' soles, and specifically in between the toes where things tend to get even stickier and more fungally infected. Inner side venting areas also aerate the layer above the toes for additional temperature control.

GoodFoot Optimal slippers are not the best looking shoes in the world, but I don't think they're the ugliest either. That award goes to pretty much every shoe men in the Pacific Northwest wear. The temperature-balancing pair comes in unisex sizes S through XL. The XLs top out at a 44, or US size 11, because apparently all European men have Geisha feet.

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