Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer & Warmer

Posted: January 28, 2016
Electric Shoe & Boot Dryer & Warmer
$15.99 - $19.99
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He may not get as much press as Dr. Love, but at this time of year you might find an appointment with Dr. Dry just as valuable. His electric inserts slip into cold, wet shoes and boots, using a built-in PTC heater to safely warm and dry them in 3 to 4 hours*.

In addition to absorbing rain, snow, and muck moisture, Dr. Dry shoe and boot warmers dehumidify and deodorize while in use. You can also insert them into gloves, liners, and ski masks to achieve the same effects. Heat output is preset so once dryers are in place, all you need to do is plug them in and leave them to their duties. Dr. Dry is also up for overnight shifts, ensuring you'll wake up to and walk out the door with toes as toasty as they were under the covers.

Dr. Dry shoe and boot warmers are available in Kids', Women's, and Men's sizes.

*Sopping wet footwear might take up to 12 hours.

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