ECCO EXOSTRIKE Dyneema Edition Hiking Boots

Posted: September 28, 2018
ECCO EXOSTRIKE Dyneema Edition Hiking Boots
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ECCO has upgraded their funky, street-style EXOSTRIKE line of hiking boots with Dyneema bonded leather uppers. As ECCO is a company out of Denmark, I wonder if "Dyneema" is Danish for "World's! Strongest! Leather!" Because that's essentially what ECCO is saying of their new outdoor footwear.

And at least someone agrees with them, because the EXOSTRIKE Dyneema Edition boots won a 2018 OutDoor Industry Award for their design and performance.

ECCO reports, possibly after running a few pairs of EXOSTRIKEs through the Labrador and Golden Retriever tests, that Dyneema leather is stronger than steel (but hopefully more comfortable gripping your ankles.) The textile is also lightweight and tear-resistant during rugged endeavors and longterm wear. The boots' midsoles are made of Phorene, another fancy fabric incorporated to reduce the overall boot weight and enhance bounce-back and cushioning.

ECCO calls the EXOSTRIKE Dyneema Edition hiking boots true hybrids for their wearability as (subjectively) stylin' hi-tops in your day-to-day that transition seamlessly into no-BS, high-performance protectors of your feet during outdoor pursuits.

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