DrySteppers - Raincoats for Your Sneakers

Posted: July 02, 2017
DrySteppers - Raincoats for Your Sneakers
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DrySteppers slip over your sneakers like a cozy shoe raincoat when the only thing worse than when you ask your mama for Adidas and she buys you Zips happens: you buy your own damn Adidas Zebra V2s, and then an angry summer storm strikes down the second you step out to show them off.

Foot-shaped, Sasquatch-sized plastic bags with structured, nonslip soles, DrySteppers are water-resistant and designed to stave off most nasty weather conditions. In addition to rain, you can call on them to protect your Airs Jordans and Force Ones from snow, mud, dirt/dust, and gravel. Each pair completely covers low- and hi-top sneakers, shielding them from the elements with a front zipper and drawstring at the ankle.

At printing, DrySteppers came in 4 different styles: clear for those who want to maintain their Sandlot Edition PF Flyers' visibility; and 3 designs with sneaker drawings on the sides of the bags. You can also select from Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large men's and women's DryStepper sizes, which should fit feet ranging from 6 in women's to 14+ in men's.

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