Descente x SUICOKE KISEE-DSV Performance Sandals

Posted: March 05, 2021
Descente x SUICOKE KISEE-DSV Performance Sandals
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Before I slip my foot right into Barf! These KISEE-DSV Sandals are uglier than my Aunt Jan's gnarled-toe, callous-covered Sasquatch feet, I should qualify them: KISEE-DSVs are a performance sandal collaboration between Descente and SUICOKE. In other words, they're from Japan. So, relatively speaking, compared to these weird Japanese products, KISEE-DSV Sandals look as stylin' as a pair of fine Italian loafers.

They're way more functional too, and do have some Italian input. Descente notes the KISEE-DSV Sandals feature a "world first footbed" that SUICOKE developed jointly with Italian brand VIBRAM (the OG barefoot shoe people.) Combined with SUICOKE's Shark Sole, your feet should be molto ureshii* nestled into a shoe that provides a full package of cushioning, grip, and support for the base of your toes, arches, and heels.

The sock-lookin' things you see in the KISEE-DSV image above are indeed sock-lookin' things - breathable, and detachable, urethane liners that come with the sandals, and contribute to their versatility in different environments and climates. The KISEE-DSVs adhere to your feet via Block Fit Adjusters, a Descente design the company says gives you a powerful hold without sacrificing comfort, even in wet conditions.

Finally, that Shark Sole I mentioned earlier, it's supposedly another world's first for its antibacterial properties. I guess that's important for foot fungus and stench prevention while wearing the KISEE-DSV Sandals, and also for the next time someone dares you to lick your shoe.

*Very happy...I think.

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