Cult TV Show Chuck Taylors

Posted: August 18, 2012
Breaking Bad & Walking Dead Chuck Taylors
$80 - $100
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Dexter, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Rick Grimes, Ron F**king Swanson, they already hold a place close to our hearts. Thanks to the design maestros at Tauntr.com, so too can they hold a place close to our corns, callouses, and bunions. The Cult TV Show Chuck Taylor All Stars depict likenesses of beloved characters from some of today's most edgy and canonic small screen series. The shoes have a gritty look, with hardened portraits running along the outsides, and complementary spacklings of blood, crystals, dirt, or bacon pimping out the insteps. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, captured posing with their Heisenberg and Pinkman Converse creations, appear to give two thumbs--and probably a few ounces of meth--up for The Ave Venice's Breaking Bad spin on the shoes.

Six flavors of Cult TV Show Chuck Taylors are currently available in varying degrees of sinister gruesomeness (a Walking Dead zombie) and balls-on accurate satire (Parks and Recreation's venerable Director painted over a strips o' bacon background.) The Ave Venice handles all artwork printing, which is done custom, and will have slight variations from the images (mockups) above. Listed sizes are US men's, ranging from 3 to 13.

Muchas danke to Chris S. for the Product Suggestion.

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