Crapper Concealer - Toilet Stall Shoe Covers

Posted: March 16, 2020
Crapper Concealer - Toilet Stall Shoe Covers

The Crapper Concealer is a set of shoe covers you slip over your feet to maintain anonymity when you use a public toilet stall. And by "use" I mean poop. Shit. Drop a fat deuce. Brown-out destroy. Do things to that poor piece of porcelain you don't want anyone to ever know, and definitely not to attribute to you because they recognized your shoes under the stall.

The Crapper Concealer has a basket-style bootie shape consisting of a bottom platform and a 360-degree foot curtain that attaches to a top frame. Once your feet are inside, raise the curtain to enter into Crapper Concealer mode while wearing anything from your sneaks to your puffy dad shoes.

Part of me wants to laud the Crapper Concealer as the next great answer to How to Poo at Work. But. Until we reach a critical mass of Crapper Concealer users, I feel like the pioneers in this game of wearing foot masks when public toilet turd-spurting will only make themselves, and their bowel movements, more obvious.

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