Air Jordan 10 Retro Shoes

Posted: January 31, 2018
Air Jordan 10 Retro Shoes
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The Air Jordan 10s or Xs (thanks Apple for creating a roman numeral awareness or lack thereof) were designed while MJ was away from the game, following his dream to become a baseball hitter and break the Mendoza line, or secretly suspended for gambling on professional sports, depending on which story fits your narrative. They featured clean lines and lateral stripes on the soles that paid tribute to each of his 10 early career milestones. Listen, there are so many iterations of Jordan's that it's pretty easy to wrap a story around a number by the 10th time, but I think he had more than 10 career milestones. But 10 works.

Nike or more granularly, The Jordan Brand, has been releasing a series of retro Jordan Xs to pay tribute to the originals starting in 2015 with this Gym Red / Black - Wolf Grey version. The latest in the throwback line is the Cool Grey and White version we see here.

If you grew up in the 80s, basketball shoes were still a pair of Converse high tops until His Airness came along. Jordan and his transcendent game, together with Nike, created the branded basketball shoe. I had one idol, one hero and exactly one poster on the walls of my adolescent childcave. Jordan was something none of my friends or I had ever seen. A real life superhero. It's nice to think that I can still help support him by purchasing a pair of his shoes. I like to think that as he packages up my pair and walks down to the mailbox to ship them off to my feet and then goes to the bank to deposit the check that he remembers the little kid that once shared an elevator with him in Chicago and didn't say anything to him because he didn't want to annoy him.

Thank you Michael. Spend the money wisely.

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