Star Wars Sarlacc Baby Lounger

Posted: January 06, 2018
Star Wars Sarlacc Baby Lounger
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While I'd often like to toss other people's babies to the Sarlacc, I wonder how many parents will want a Sarlacc baby pillow and lounger for their own infant. It's kind of morbid and distasteful and...ah, what am I saying? Star Wars fans are still going to go goo-goo-Bo-ba over it.

Bed Hog Shop's Sarlacc baby lounger is a 36" round pillow with a bright red and pink interpretation of Tatooine's most tentacled on the top. The low pile fabric of the Sarlacc has a "minky" feel, while the bottom of the pillow is cotton. Two side handles allow for folding the lounger in half, in case you want to taco your baby and carry it like a briefcase.

Or just move the Sarlacc somewhere else without emptying out the blanket and toys inside.

New dads, and those looking for a Star Wars-themed gift for a new dad, the Great Pit of Carkoon beckons. And if you don't have an infant, but do have a cat or small dog, I don't see why the Sarlacc Lounger couldn't serve as a comfy little death pit for them too. Alternatively, you can keep the death pit visuals away from your babies and pets, but still geek out on clever sarlacc applications with these Sarlacc Toilet Decals.

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