Sarlacc Toilet Decals

Posted: March 28, 2014
Sarlacc Toilet Decals

Like most great ideas, Robbie Rane came up with his Toilet Sarlacc decals while hanging out with friends, having a few beers, and talking shit. One guy mentioned dropping the kids off at the pool. Another spoke of ending the search for Brown October. And the cleverest of all said it was time to toss Boba Fett in the sarlacc. Two years later Rane teamed up with Ray Wilson, fellow fan of Star Wars and literal toilet humor, and the Toilet Sarlacc was born.

The sarlacc of Star Wars lore has eaten many men with the misfortune of tumbling into its Great Pit of Carkoon. And while some have escaped, and others possibly deserved to die, I think the plant is getting adequate payback here. Relegated to the john. Tasked with spending the rest of its days eating not men, but men's piss and turds.

That said, I, uh, wouldn't get too close to the sarlacc's tentacles. Or ever...ever...sit down to pee.

The Toilet Sarlacc set consists of a few dozen individual decals that combine to form the arms and mouth of Tatooine's finest beast, plus Boba Fett getting dragged into its abyss and Luke, Han, and Chewie climbing out of it. For complete Toilet Sarlacc decal installation instructions head over to its Website's online step-by-step guide.

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