Astronaut Duvet

Posted: September 02, 2013
Astronaut Duvet

To assist parents in perpetuating the fallacy that in America any kid can be anything he wants when he grows up, here we have an astronaut duvet. That is, not just a duvet with astronauts on it, but a duvet with the majority of its surface area covered by a single astronaut about the size of the child who will be sleeping under it, plus a pillowcase with an astronaut's helmet. So that as tykes who still write their Cs backwards and can't quite grasp counting by 2s dream of becoming one of NASA's finest, they'll have a complete twin bedding set to help them continue the visualization when they wake.

Further reinforcing their inflated sense of self despite showing no marked skill or potential: the massive "participation" trophy on their night stand and a lavishly framed picture they drew of the family dog hanging on the wall. Or is that the family hamster? Actually, I think it's a plate of spaghetti.

On a non-cynical note, manufacturer SNURK does make the decent point that kids who have an astronaut bedspread may be more inclined to make their beds in order to see the spaceman in full and intact.

[Cue cynicism]

Twenty bucks say this inclination lasts for a week.

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