Zombie Hands Resin Ring

Posted: September 29, 2022
Zombie Hands Resin Ring
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Rising from the depths of the earth...and your middle knuckle...the zombies are coming! So far, it's just their hands that have popped out of the graves, but just you wait. Where there are resin hands, there are resin arms, and where there are resin arms, there are resin chests, resin necks, resin mouths hungry for braaaiiinnnsss.

The Zombie Hands Resin Ring is a Halloween delight for your finger, handmade by Isabell Kiefhaber of Geschmeide Unter Teck The black band and base provide a launching point for the trio of black zombie hands, rising out of gray stones, and surrounded by an eerie mist. Less the stones, which are real little pebbles, all components of the ring are resin, including the transparent "case" that captures and displays the zomberrific scene.

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