Wood & Titanium Engagement Ring

Posted: June 25, 2021
Wood & Titanium Engagement Ring
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Shine bright like a...piece of Patagonian virapita wearing this titanium band engagement ring topped with a radiant-cut piece of wood. A good 3 carats from the looks of it.

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Loreto Rings handcrafts an array of what I'll call anti-bling rings using "natural materials combined with next generation materials and a pinch of our alchemy." Here we have the native-sourced virapita wood, harvested and dried for 20 years, serving as the solitaire stone. It's paired with brushed titanium, a material chosen for its lightness, durability, visual purity, and hypoallergenic nature.

Lorero Rings also makes a similar engagement / wedding ring with a Carrara marble "diamond" and a band of layered titanium and carbon fiber.

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