Wallis Reid Men's Wedding Bands

Posted: February 27, 2019
Wallis Reid Men's Wedding Bands
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Wallis Reid's line of men's wedding bands and engagement rings are stunners in 18K gold, oxidized sterling silver, and raw diamonds. Dark without going goth, wild without looking messy, if you're a dude into statement pieces, or just want to give your lady some competition for the ooohs and ahhhs over finger baubles, give Wallis Reid 1 to 2 weeks and she'll custom make you a wedding band reminiscent of anything from the Japanese kintsugi tradition to the Viking era.

While Reid studied fine art and metalsmithing in college, it was her travels to Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America that piqued her interest in ancient gemstones and jewelry. Most of her men's wedding bands carry an aesthetic inspired by history, plus the natural geological forces that create the largely raw gems she incorporates into her rings.

From left to right in the image above are Reid's Kintsugi Wedding Band, Viking Rustic Wedding Band, and Three Black Diamonds Fault Line Wedding Band. All are a fusion of solid 18K gold swirled through the oxidized silver bands, with the latter also set with over a carat of rose-cut black diamonds.

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