Tulry Utility Necklace

Posted: November 07, 2017
Tulry Utility Necklace
$84 - $128
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Nate Barr had the ladies in mind when he created the Tulry Utility Necklace. Of his chevron-shaped twist on the Swiss Army Knife, the Portland, Maine-based artist says he got the idea after noticing almost all everyday carry products he saw were designed with a dudely skew. The Turly represents his effort to make a functional piece of EDC that isn't geared exclusively toward men.

The Tulry Utility Necklace comes with either 2 or 5 multi-tool inserts. Slide a section out from its 14K gold plate holster and turn your shiny wardrobe accessory into an accessory for cracking open a cold one. Or tightening the screw on your glasses. Or slashing open the box holding the earrings your ordered to match.

The 2-piece Tulry option includes EDC essentials - a bottle opener, box opener, and large Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Go for the 5-piece set when you need a gift for a woman who likes chunkier jewelry and more involved DIY tasks. It includes large and micro Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, the bottle opener, box opener, and four different hex keys.

The Tulry Utility Necklace hangs from a 24" long chain. Each tool is about 3" long.

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