Titanium Handcuff Ring

Posted: February 07, 2013
Titanium Handcuff Ring
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Like the Titanium Utility Ring, Bruce Boone's Titanium Handcuff Ring owns a slot in his Laser Cut Series of jewelry. The mini finger cuff precisely matches a full-size bad (or naughty) guy restraint, and even opens and closes with its accompanying key. Which should come in especially handy on those nights I can't get my rings off due to my fingers having swollen from knuckle sandwiching brutish Blutos and Biffs for disrespecting ladies at the bar...or from drinking too many dirty martinis.

The one difference between Boone's cuff and the real thing is that he designed his to bottom out at a specific ring size so that overzealous clampers...or devil women who think they're funny...don't accidentally constrict the ring too much. Note: This safety feature does not mean it's OK to take the ring for a test run on non-phalange body parts.

Handcuff Rings are cut standard in aerospace grade 6AL4V titanium; for an additional $45, Boone will use stronger grade 8-1-1.

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