Tiny Best Friends Necklace - Pee and Poo

Posted: January 20, 2012
Tiny Best Friends Necklace
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Best friend relationships are difficult. It seems there always has to be a leader and a follower. How these roles are formed is a question best left to someone other then me. But these two, pee and poo, seem to have it figured out. Sure, poo might get a little jealous that pee goes off on his own most of the time, and he can never hardly ever go anywhere on his own (pee ALWAYS seems to want to go with poo), but it's generally a pretty great friendship. And, let's face it, this is a friendship of necessity. Both have odor problems that make others run and hide at their appearance.

Here, we find them personified, freckles and all, hanging from a necklace for those who dare to let this friendship evolve just under their noses.

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