Sword Cuff Bracelet

Posted: September 22, 2022
Sword Cuff Bracelet
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Normally, a great warrior wouldn't want to see his sword blade bent and wrapped into a big "O." But in the case of this Sword Cuff Bracelet from Osiris Jewelry, I think, whether viking, medieval knight, or Geralt of Rivia, the warrior would approve. Average (fine, below-average) dudes like myself approve too. Heartily.

Osiris Jewelry handmakes several different designs of Sword Cuff Bracelet, some with the added flair of turquoise and gemstones, and others in the style of a zulfiqar. The one above is made of 925 sterling silver, with an ornate engraved design running along its blade, plus a crest and additional embellishments on the sword hilt. It is finished with an oxide coating to enhance and preserve the detail of the work.

Sword Cuff Bracelets are adjustable via the pull-or-squeeze method, with a total length of 25cm (9.8").

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