Sundial Ring

Posted: November 30, 2013
Sundial Ring
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To use the sundial ring, hold it upright to align one of its 3 reference lines straight up. Calibrate to your time zone by using the reference line corresponding to to your latitude (i.e., northern cities use a different line than southern cities.) Rotate the dial to bring the hole alongside the current date--month of the year, plus beginning/middle/end of month--and then, holding the ring between two, not on one finger, extend your hand to the sky. When the ring catches a ray of light, it will illuminate the approximate time on an inside clock face.

It will also give you a glance at the sundial ring's underside, engraved with the words Carpe Diem, which are there to remind you to make the most out of every day, lest you should spend your whole life being repetitive and boring, and then leave people with nothing to say at your memorial service besides that you were nice and loved you some chips and guacamole.

This sundial ring is based on the original that Queen Eleanor gave to her husband, Henry II of England, in 1152. It is allegedly the only sundial ring that allows for latitude adjustments, and also accommodates Daylight Savings Time.

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