Star Wars Huttese Translator Ring

Posted: October 31, 2012
Star Wars Huttese Translator Ring
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Communication, so the saying goes, is key. How appropriate then for the bilinguists of the Galactic Republic to provide us with this Translator Ring, a finger-sized key to communicating with the Huttese. Imagine how Jabba would soften towards you if only you could tell him a joke in his native tongue. Tubby alien gangsters love jokes. Jokes and quotes from The Princess Bride. (Because fictional antagonists from outer space are really no different than you and me.) The ring allows wearers both to write and translate the language of the Hutts, which should be terrific news for students who thrive on passing covert messages during class, as intercepted transmissions and confiscated media will be indecipherable to others. This would have come in handy for Tom Paulson in my 10th grade trig class, who resorted to chewing up and swallowing a note he received when the alternative was turning it over to Ms. Lindbergh, who was most likely the distasteful topic of the communication.

Star Wars Huttese Translator Rings also come in a silver finish.

Muchas danke to Geekologie.

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