Solaris Lockstone Fragrance Bracelets

Posted: March 07, 2017
Solaris Lockstone Fragrance Bracelet
$49.18 - $79.93
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Sexes, styles, and personas collide in the Solaris Lockstone braceleta. These pieces give a nod to the night sky encircling wrists with a choice of dark and dreamy semi-precious stones leading to a series of personal fragrance-absorbing Lockstones shaped into the 8 planets in our solar system. A gift for men and women, the fashion-forward and the fashion-foreign, and the geeks and the pimps out there, Solaris does science with creativity, function, and class.

Lockstone is Solaris creator Vanacci's trademarked material, a lightweight, porous composition that drinks up sprays and rubs of your favorite cologne, perfume, or essential oils, and then pushes it back up to the surface over time. Vanacci says treating one of their Lockstones with a scent will make it linger for up to 7 times longer than it would on your skin alone. If you like to mix it up, you can assign each stone in the Solaris solar system a different scent in your rotation.

The Solaris line of Lockstone bracelets come in Agate, Meteor, Nebula, IO, and Aurora designs (there is also a Saturn pendant). Agate is smooth and jet black, a natural stone found in volcanic rock that Vanacci feels captures the "darkness of space," while Meteor adds cratered texture to the bracelet with lava stones that I feel capture the essence of burnt Trix cereal. Nebula adds a little sparkle for the fancier boys and girls out there with its semi-transparent manganese beads glistening with bright metal crystals. The Solaris IO combines Lockstone with obsidian, another volcanic stone formed when viscous lava cools quickly, and Aurora goes all-out Lapis lazuli with its dramatic polished indigo spheres webbed with pyrite veins.

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