Sloth Rings

Posted: May 16, 2013
Sloth Ring
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My mama says this sloth ring reminds her of me, and although I'm not exactly sure what that means, based on my extensive knowledge of the movie Seven, which I discussed at great length over beers with an abnormally high ABV percentage while some turkey nearby used what was apparently the bar's house charger to juice up his smartphone* last night, I'm pretty sure it's either that I am lazy or that Kevin Spacey is going to kill me.

Teresa MacDonald hand sculpts, paints, and seals her polymer clay sloth creations before mounting them on adjustable silver or antique bronze rings, available in sizes 6 to 10. You know, for a sloth this little guy is pretty undeniably cute. Oh. Now the comparison makes sense. Aw, thanks, Mom.

*Yeah, it wasn't even like he was sitting there with the phone plugged in right beside him--the phone was next to me on the arm of a couch and he was seated at a table a full 10 yards away. Well you know what, dude? I saw all of your incoming texts from Jill Hot Food Truck Girl and I forwarded every one of them to your wife.

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