Secret Jewels Hidden Jewelry Candles

Posted: December 06, 2015
Secret Jewels Hidden Jewelry Candles
$19.92 - $34.95
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Christmas shopping for the ladies: done. Whether it's wife, girlfriend, Mama, Grandma, sister, daughter, or hostess (of one of the holiday parties you're attending, or that other kind in that other place you go to every now and again) you can't really go wrong with a Secret Jewels Candle. It combines every single thing women love, except babies and puppies, in a neat little package that's not even too big of a pain in the A to wrap. Things that look girly and pretty. Things that smell good. Things that create ambience. Things that glow. And, most of all, things that sparkle. Foil-wrapped inside every Secret Jewels cylinder of 100% hand-poured soy is a piece of jewelry, a shiny necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings for the lady to eagerly anticipate and ooooh, aaaahhhh over when the candle burns down far enough to reveal it. And that's just Secret #1.

Secret #2 is that while the jewelry inside the candle could be a $10 piece of crap, it could also be an authentic diamond or other dazzler valued at up to $200.

Secret Jewels Candles come in over a dozen different scents, including Deck the Halls Cranberry, Evergreen, Fresh Apple, Fresh Linen, Spiced Vanilla, Ocean Breeze, and Cherries 'n' Wine. Each has a 100-hour burn time, though jewelry surprises typically start to surface halfway through.

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