Screw U Jewelry

Posted: February 14, 2018
Screw U Jewelry
$10 - $257
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Here's a big Screw U for the scorned, the heartbroken, and the Anti-Valentine's Day-ers. Calm down now, it's for you, not to you. Don one of Screw U Jewelry's bent screw rings, necklaces, or pair of earrings so you can deliver the message and your sentiments to your least favorite, most unspecial someone this year. And also everyone else who happens to see you wearing the jewelry too I guess.

Screw U Jewelry's subtly snarky pieces are unisex so all genders can wear and flash them at appropriate times and places. Like when you run into your ex with someone else at your favorite bar a week after you broke up. Or when family members and random old people ask why you're still single. Or when you're stuffing your face with Boomchickapop Sweet & Spicy Popcorn and your fiancee, She-Ra: Princess of Power, asks if you've ever heard of the Whole 30 diet.

Screw U Jewelry comes in a variety of metals, from cost effective Stick It Sterling silver to Fancy F You 14K Gold. Screw U also makes other sarcastic and suggestive wearable art, including a wooden bone that has the word "Let's" carved into it, and the word "It" shaped out of a stick.

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