Sardine Can Ring

Posted: June 25, 2023
Sardine Can Ring
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This Sardine Can Ring, handmade by Ruben Morales, is up for an Etsy Design Award, and while I would never wear a Sardine Can Ring myself, or give a Sardine Can Ring as a gift to anyone I know...except perhaps my cat, Zanzibar...I still support its nomination. First of all, the sardine lovers out there must be losing their minds with excitement. Finally! Jewelry crafted just for them!

But more importantly, Morales's design might be a bit strange, but if you're going to make a ring out of a can of sardines, this is the way to do it. It's whimsical without being kitschy or flashy, and the workmanship is exceptional. The fishies themselves are made of porcelain blue enamel, and their can and adjustable band are a combination of silver and aged brass.

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