Resident Evil Virus Capsule Jewelry

Posted: May 23, 2012
Resident Evil T Virus Necklace

The months leading up to Resident Evil 6's anticipated November 2012 release should be filled with wishful speculation, ripples of spoilers, and inexplicable urges to quell the suspense by amassing random bits of RE merch. Leah of GeekOUTlet would be very happy to oblige the latter. Her set of 3 hand blown T Virus, G Virus, and G Vaccine capsule necklaces ensure the Umbrella Corporation and Tricell never stray far from wearers' thoughts. Or their bloodstreams. Double helix capsules, interchangeable via tiny clips on either side, are fitted on 14" chains, and intended to sit just above the collarbone. Alternative chain lengths are also available by request.

Leah also points out that while other Resident Evil Virus jewelers convert gutted fuse tubing or used materials to their capsules--components which may still contain bits of mercury--she makes hers individually, hand blowing the glass enclosures, and weaving together original materials to bond the helices. "Helices", according to spell check, is the only acceptable plural of "helix", though Wikipedia deems both "helices" and "helixes" correct. Yep. You're welcome.

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