Morse Code Bracelets

Posted: January 14, 2017
Morse Code Bracelets
$26 - $56
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Morse Code bracelets from Tim Art Creations are stylish and thoughtful ways to say I Love You this Valentine's Day without being too schmoopy, or going broke. Go for the 3 little words themselves, or have Tim stamp on a custom message of dots and dashes for the lady or dude who stole your heart.


Order a genuine leather cuff topped with a sheet metal plate of We're over, I Know You're Cheating, or just a simple I Hope Your Decaying Black Heart Rots Out of Your Chest Along with Your Teeth and Eyeballs You Miserable Spawn of Smaug as a unique and clever--and permanent!--reminder of how you feel about the a-hole you're breaking up with.

Time will make your Morse Code cuff bracelet with a silver, gold, or rose gold plate adhered to the band with jump rings. Cuffs come in brown or black and measure 7-1/2" long x 1/2" wide, with a 2-1/2" extender that make them adjustable to fit most wrists.

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