Manly Bands Nylon & Carbon Monomer Wedding Bands

Posted: June 17, 2019
Manly Bands Nylon & Carbon Monomer Wedding Bands
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The story of Manly Bands wedding bands starts with a proposal and ends with a couple taking two sets of vows: one to each other; and the other to people like themselves who are "horrified" with their experience of shopping for men's rings. Husband and wife John and Michelle founded Manly Bands with choice, cost, and customer service in mind. Their online store, plus custom options, focus on unique and standout rings at all price points, with a customer service team behind the website they call "helpful, honest, and downright delightful."

Manly Bands' Match Grade rings are my focus here because I think, at a mere $49, they look pretty damn cool. These rings are ultra lightweight, made from a high density hybrid of nylon and carbon monomer. Manly Bands says they're meant for men who work with their hands, especially those regularly around chemicals, including petroleum products and all household cleaners.

Match Grade Manly Bands currently come in 5 different texture styles, including The Silencer, The Stars & Stripes, The Knurl, The Revolver, and The Star Spangled. The nylon and carbon monomer rings are also available in black or gray.

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