Lock Pick Earrings

Posted: February 22, 2014
Lock Pick Earrings

I don't know if I'd be more turned on by or afraid of a girl wearing lock pick earrings. I mean, if she knows how to use them, that's hot. But if she knows how to use them...uh...I mean I have like $1,200 in unpaid parking tickets. I can't afford to have a cop run my name for jaywalking, much less breaking and entering with a lady picking locks with her jewelry.

Matthew Borgatti's sets of dangling lattice lock picks include a DEF CON-approved selection of picks, rakes, and tension bars. Picks are made from lightweight stainless steel and rings and ear hooks have silver plating. Though a slimmer cut than most lock picks, the earrings' material makes them comfortable for everyday wear. Borgatti also notes that a few dozen trials on tumbler locks have produced only minor pick wear in the form of light scratches.

Each set of lock pick earrings includes:

  • 1 x small hook pick
  • 1 x small half diamond pick
  • 1 x single ball rake
  • 1 x C-rake
  • 1 x S-rake
  • 1 x tension wrench

Borgatti notes that the tension wrench sits opposite the hook, half diamond, and C-rake to provide quick access to the most useful tools. However, the sets' jump rings also allow for disassembly and customization if buyers prefer a different arrangement.

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